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JM Spider insulation is the best choice to help reduce sound transmission from outside noise. Homeowners will enjoy the peace and quiet.

JM Spider insulation saves money and reduces cycle time.

JM Spider insulation needs no drying time if you install it with the recommended amount of moisture, so you can put drywall up right away. Other upgrade spray systems can take two to three days to prep, install and dry. With JM Spider insulation, you can be done in one day.


JM Spider insulation with BIBS creates a consistent thermal barrier that minimizes energy loss in areas such as exterior walls, vaulted ceilings, bonus rooms and unvented attic assemblies. Because of the size and dimension of the JM Spider fiber, when densely packed, thermal protection increases over open-cell foam and cellulose.


• A snug fit without gaps or voids
• Does not settle
• Superior energy efficiency
• Improved indoor air quality
• Superior sound control
• Fire resistant and noncombustible
• Noncorrosive
• Does not hold moisture
• Will not rot or mildew


JM Spider® Custom Insulation System
exlusively applied by Magnus Construction.

Magnus Construction, leaders in innovation, quality and customer service, is please to be the only insulation company in Saskatchewan offering the revolutionary JM Spider® Custom Insulation.

Spider Insulation Advantages:

Superior energy efficiency. By filling all gaps and voids, around electrical fixtures, pipes, wiring, and other hard-to-reach areas where energy can scape.

Higher thermal rating "R-Values" than conventional Batt Insulation:

    Up to R-15 in 2x4 cavities
    Up to R-23 in 2x6 cavities
    Up to R-25 in 6” steel stud cavities

Unlike cellulose and traditional Batt insulation, JM Spider insulation will not settle or shrink and will last for the life of your home.

Better sound proofing. achieving a Sound Transmission Class of 43 in a standard 2x4 wood-framed wall. Because Spider Insulation fills those gaps around electrical fixtures, pipes wiring and other obstructions, you will enjoy more peace and quiet.

Mold and mildew resistant. JM Spider® insulation resists mold because it sprays in almost dry (less moisture content than wood framing), and is treated with a U.S. EPA-registered mold inhibitor to protect the insulation against mold.

Improved air quality - Formaldehyde Free. Only fiber glass insulation made without formaldehyde - such as JM Spider® Custom Insulation - can pass Environmental Specification 1350, the toughest indoor air quality test in North America, with a non-detect for formaldehyde.

JM Spider® Custom Insulation uses a non Toxic, non Flammable adhesive and no hazardous chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about Mold, Mildew, Indoor air quality or fire hazards.

Durable. JM Spider® Custom Insulation, will not rot, mildew or otherwise deteriorate. It will not hold moisture and it won’t lose R-Value overtime.

CCMC Approved. JM Spider® is CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) approved to meet National Building Code 2005 in wood-frame construction and to deliver 4.1 RSI in 140 mm cavities. JM Spider® - CCMC Approval Report

Fast installation & Fast drying.

High Speed non toxic Adhesive binder dries 6 times faster than wet application allowing JM Spider System to be Installed and Dry – same day, so you can almost be able to put the drywall right away.

Properly installed, Spider insulation gives a neat, clean professional look than any other sprayer insulation. And because its fibers fills each cavity completely and its uniform flat finish, installers get red tag less frequently, allowing the hole operation to be ahead of schedule.

By using JM Spider insulation, proudly installed by Magnus Construction you can reduce cycle time by two three days and save hundreds of dollars per day! A typical 2700 sq. ft. home can be insulated in 3-4 hrs, Twice as fast as cellulose.

Environment responsible.

By properly insulating you can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels that generate greenhouse gases and that energy efficiency will continue for the life of your home.

JM Spider insulation contains at least 50 percent post-consumer recycle bottle glass, plus there’s little or no product waste during installation. After the product is sprayed in and finished to the exact depth of your wall, the excess is vacuumed up for re-use.

Also, when properly installed, each year a pound of Spider Insulation saves 12 times the amount of energy required to make it.

Extensively Tested.

Spider Insulation complains with CTC rules and local state and National Building Codes. It has also past the ASTM Test for:

Thermo Performance - ASTM C-518
Fire Resistance - ASTM E-84, ASTM E-136, ASTM E-970
Corrosion Resistance - ASTM C-764
Fungi Resistance - ASTM G-21, ASTM C-1338
Odor Emission - ASTM C-1304
Water Vapor Absorption - ASTM C-1104, ASTM C-1104M


Won’t support mold growth
Won’t rot or decompose
Won’t hold moisture
Won’t lose R-value with age
Primarily composed of sand, a rapidly renewable resource
Low dust, no itch, won’t burn skin or eyes
Made without formaldehyde
Dry installation (no binder required)
Uniform dense-pack cavity fill
Won’t settle
Contains no plastic, cardboard or other non-insulating debris
Minimal chemical additive content; contains no acidic fire-retardant chemicals
Safe to use and install
Contains at least 25% recycled glass (5% pre-consumer, 20% post-consumer).


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Data Sheets & MSDSs:

JM Spider® Custom Insulation System Data Sheet (425 KB)

JM Spider® Blow-In-Blanket® System Data Sheet (222 KB)

JM Spider® Custom Insulation System MSDS

JM Spider® Custom Insulation System MSDS (Adhesive)

JM Spider® Custom Insulation System MSDS (Custom Adhesive)

Product Literature:

JM Spider® Custom Insulation Home Builders Study (26 KB)

JM Spider® Custom Insulation Value Proposition for Builders (471 KB)

JM Spider® Sales Brochure (936 KB)

JM Spider® - CCMC Approval Report

JM Spider® BIBS® Brochure (2639 KB)

Technical Resources:

Infiltration Letter (39 KB)

JM Spider® Moisture Management Tech Bulletin (98 KB)

JM Spider® Ignition Barrier (268 KB)

JM Spider® Overhead Application (198 KB)

JM Spider® Installation Coverage Chart Card (573 KB)

JM Spider® Insulation Acoustical Performance Advantages (3247 KB)

JM Spider® Insulation Drying Time Information (622 KB)

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1004-17th St West,
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