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Spray Foam Insulation

Polyurethane spray foam insulation provides the ideal solution for durable and cost efficient insulation applications in commercial buildings. Spray foam insulation combines the benefits of insulation and air barrier systems crucial to the environmental control within commercial building structures.

Spray Foam Insulation and Air Barrier Systems are fully-adhered, providing a seamless, monolithic air barrier that conforms to irregular shapes, slopes and allows easy detailing around penetrations such as pipes, windows, doors and sheathing fasteners. Spray Foam contributes to improved building durability, energy efficiency, and to occupant comfort, health and safety. Spray Foam insulation effectively insulates and most importantly controls moisture infiltration, the number one cause of commercial building deterioration. Polyurethane spray foam insulation is easily applied in one of three forms within the building envelope, regardless of difficult structural limitations such as cathedral roofs, irregular masonry, or band joists areas.

Not only Spray Foam provides the highest level of thermal insulation, it provides a monolithic, fully sealed air and moisture barrier. Its spray applied installation process speeds construction and reduces labour costs substantially.

Fire Proofing

Proven in place performance on interior structural members make these products the most widely used fireproofing materials in the world. The products are cost effective because of the ease of spray applications to protect steel and concrete substrates. These products provide the maximum flexibility to fit a wide variety of job site conditions. Typically used in Interior Concealed Applications.

Features & Benefits

Monokote cementitious fireproofing offers many significant advantages to the architect, owner, applicator and building occupant. These include:

• Proven in-place performance
• Low in-place cost
• Fast, efficient application
• UL fire tested and factory inspected
• Building Code compliant (ICBO, SBCCI, BOCA, ICC)



Monokote MK-6

Monokote MK-6 is a gypsum based cementitious spray-applied fire resistive material for structural steel framed buildings.

Monokote MK-6/HY and MK-6 are single component, spray applied, mill-mixed fire resistive plasters. MK-6/HY and MK-6 have approval for use on structural steel members and fluted decking to provide up to four hours of fire protection, and on flat plate cellular decking for up to three hours with Spatterkote SK-3.


Designed for applications where the potential for physical abuse is a consideration. These products offer increased bond strength and density over the low density materials. Typically used on Interior Exposed Applications.

Monokote Z-106 / Z-106 G

Monokote Z-106 is a Portland cement based, medium density, cementitious fireproofing designed to meet specific commercial and industrial fire protection requirements on structural steel members, floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling assemblies. It is very hard, moisture resistant and suitable for interior areas, which require resistance to repeated physical contact and or high humidity. Suitable for interior or exposed construction within parking garages, gymnasiums, equipment rooms, and swimming pool areas.


Designed for use in applications where environmental or climate conditions exist. It is a durable product that is excellent for use in high traffic areas such as parking garages. Typically used in Interior and Exterior Exposed Applications.

Monokote Z-146

Monokote Z-146 is a Portland cement based, high density, cementitious fireproofing designed to high durability standards for the protection of interior and exterior structural members. It provides high density, concrete-like protection and can be spray applied to either interior or exterior areas. Suitable for interior and exterior exposed construction within manufacturing, transportation, industrial, warehouse facilities and parking garages.


Monokote Z-3306

A spray applied thermal barrier designed to protect foam plastic insulation from the effects of heat and fire. Monokote Z-3306 is applied over plastic foam insulation where it forms a hard, durable, monolithic thermal barrier. Typically used to protect foam freezers, conditioned atmosphere storage areas and water treatment plants.

Polyurethane Roofing

Spray Foam Roofing Systems provide many benefits to building owners. The two most prominent benefits are waterproofing/leak prevention and insulation value. Many additional benefits also exist such as superior compressive strength, lightweight, self-flashing, durable and long lasting.

Benefits of Spray Foam Roof Systems:

•Leak free monolithic seal over your entire roof deck
•Self flashing
•High insulation value / Rapid payback with energy savings
•Strong adhesion and wind uplift resistance
•Weather resistant
•Lightweight and high strength


Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is applied as a liquid using plural-component spray equipment to fill cracks and crevices. It then expands approximately 30 times its original liquid volume to form a hard, closed cell monolithic roof surface. The Polyurethane Foam dries within seconds after applied to the roof surface. Its expansion results in a weather tight roofing membrane that is fully adhered to the substrate. Because of polyurethane's lightweight it adds little additional weight to the structure and is often used in remedial applications. Polyurethane Foam has a history of more than 35 years as a maintainable roofing medium. Polyurethane Foam adds excellent insulation value to the structure and utility bills can reflect the difference.

Once the Spray Foam has been applied to the proper thickness and finish specifications, a protective layer of elastomeric coating or gravel is applied. This protective layer produces a durable weather resistant surface and that can be walked on for normal maintenance.

High Performance Coatings

HYDROTHANE 90A is a 100% solid polyurethane-urea hybrid coating. HYDROTHANE 90A is an aromatic coating designed to be an elastomeric protective coating for all substrates, providing excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. HYDROTHANE has no voc's and is approved for incidental food contact.


HYDROTHANE 90A combines the processing advantages of a Polyurea with the economical performance of a polyurethane coating.

•Improved low temperature flexibility
•Improved tensile and elongation properties
•Lower sensitivity to moisture during application
•Improved low temperature cure


HYDROTHANE can be built up to any thickness. A minimum of 50 mils in two passes is recommended for exterior applications. Lower film thicknesses are acceptable if a light stable top coat is used.


•Secondary containment coating - provides a chemical resistant membrane over concrete and steel in tanks.
•Gasoline and chemical resistance for Styrofoam floatation.
•Abrasion resistance over wood, metal and concrete.
•Waterproofing wood and foamed plastics.
•Water and chemical detergent resistance for concrete block and poured walls.


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