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FROTH-PAK products are formulated for two distinct applications: insulation or

As an air sealant, FROTH-PAK products are an ideal choice for many applications that require a maximum 4"
wide strip of sealant, including:

• Wall/attic penetrations
• Wall cavity air sealing
• Other gaps and cracks

As insulation, FROTH-PAK Foam Insulation kit is well suited for:

• Roof/wall junctions
• Stud wall cavities
• Unheated Floors
• Rim or band joists
• Crawl space walls
• Attics
• Plumbing wall pipe

FROTH-PAK Polyurethane Foam Systems help you get going fast and serve a wide variety of roles in the transportation vehicle arena:

•Structure Stability
•Sound damping
•Vibration control
•Dust/air infiltration control


A leading cause of energy loss is air infiltration
through gaps and cracks.

It is a fact, between 25-40% of a home ’s energy loss is from air escape routes around the home but it can get worse. Where there's air, there’s most likely moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew and other moisture-related problems. Don ’t forget that dust, smoke, outside noise and insects may invade an unsealed building envelope. We can lead the homeowner away from this costly and potentially damaging scenario by choosing FROTH-PAK products from Dow.

Put a Stop to Air Infiltration

Stop air infiltration and its side effects with FROTH-PAK Foam Insulation kits. Two-component, quick-cure FROTH-PAK polyurethane foams quickly expand to fill cavities, penetrations and cracks greater than 2" (50 mm). Both deliver a high yield and are packaged in easy-to-handle, self-contained, portable containers, designed for hard-to-reach airsealing jobs. The Class A rating (flame spread of 25 or less) of FROTH-PAK Foam Insulation kit qualifies it as an effective insulation for wall, attic and crawl space applications.

FROTH-PAK Fills the Void

Plumbing stack vent
Interior partitions
Gaps/cracks around doors
Attic hatches
Kitchen fan vent
Outdoor faucet
Dryer vent
Sill plate
Bathroom fan vent
Floor drain/weeping tile
Chimney penetrations
Holes and tears in house
Chases/soffits/drop ceilings
Cracks/separation in foundation
Light fixtures/electrical outlets
Entry points for electrical service
Gaps/cracks around windows


Product Specifications

FROTH PAK Foam Insulation Kits
Product Yield
(SQ/FT at1")
Density Aged R-Value
(Per Inch)
Froth Pak
200 1.75 5.4 $425
(plus tax)
Froth Pak
600 1.75 5.4 $840
(plus tax)

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